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Indoors on a Boston Saturday April 9, 2009

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What does one do on a rainy Saturday in Boston? TELL ME!

What does one do on a rainy Saturday in Boston? TELL ME!

As some of you may know, I was attempting to host an Easter on the Esplanade day on Saturday. The weather gods have issued warnings against such a gathering, but a few things have forced a slight obligation upon me to do something special on Saturday. 1) D-to-the-OR, aka Doreeeeeeen(!!!) is going to be in town this weekend. We need to remind her that Boston >> San Antonio. I don’t think this will be hard, but the weather challenge is annoying. 2) My kickass step-sis expressed an interest in coming and bringing her sweet Tufts friends. I don’t want to let them down. Here’s the B-Google Challenge: $30 to the BEST idea for an activity day for Saturday, April 11th, 2009 in the Boston area. (Note, this does mean suggestions such as the Harbor Islands Ferry, which does not open until mid-May, will not be considered, nor will pool-hopping in Vegas, as it does not meet the “Boston area” specification.) If your idea is used, you’ll win the Challenge. If none of the ideas posted are used, but you have the best idea of those posted, you will win the Challenge. If you do not have ideas, I would still love to get feedback on other people’s ideas so I get a feel for what the general populous would like to do. Particularly insightful feedback may earn a margarita. If you were invited to Easter on the Esplanade, note that I have not yet sent an e-mail informing cancellation of this event. An e-mail will be sent after an alternative activity is selected. If you were not invited (it was a fairly small list of invitees–mostly people I thought would want to go), you are now. Entries must be submitted by noon on Friday, April 10th, 2009, to be considered for this contest. The following specifications will determine the best activity, in order of highest importance to least importance:

1) Doreen has to love it. Doreen likes being active and a little rambunctious, so the BPL is out. She also likes things a lot of people can do and not be bored doing. The MFA is also out.

2) Ideally, my step-sis and let’s say 3+ of her friends should be able to come. They are under 21 and are on Frosh budgets. Also, they are newer to the area than most of us, so they’re counting on us to amuse them. The aquarium is out.

3) Budget: My Tufts amigos aren’t the only ones on a budget. It’s a bad economy, and anyway the cheapest things in life are usually the best. Lunch at Top of the Hub is therefore out. 😉 Think $15-per-person budget after transportation.

4) Weather: We’re not doing the Esplanade, just like we wouldn’t go to a beach on a windy, rainy, cold day. That doesn’t mean we can’t do ANYTHING outside, but an outdoor plan may not draw many people and may not be much fun. If your idea is outdoors, suggest suitable attire.

5) The-More-The-Merrier: Something T or Commuter Rail accessible is ideal, however, I have a car and am willing to rent Zipcars for a total of up to $40 (roughly 2 cars for 2 hours or 1 car for 4 hours). I’ll definitely be providing transportation to Dor, my step-sis, and her friends. Activities that leave transportation up to everyone else will still be considered.

Final words: Have fun with this, be creative, and don’t be offended if your idea doesn’t win. I’m partly posting this because I’ve spent a decent chunk of time on the cause today and was thinking there should be an article on Google worth reading about indoor activities in Boston. I’ll also be posting some of the things I found that won’t be used for whatever reason, but that I thought would be a lot of fun later this summer. Happy hunting!

(This Challenge has been created for my friends. Like all B-Google Challenges, rewards are payable exclusively to people I know personally. However, other entries will be gratefully accepted by the general populous.)


7 Responses to “Indoors on a Boston Saturday”

  1. seekmaster Says:

    Some of the ideas my search yielded, but have flaws: Go Kart racing and billiards. Problems: transportation and budget (it’s $28 for two races, plus $10 for a one-day license.) Harbor Islands Ferry, has hiking, picnicking, and pretty views, but does not open until May. Mini-golf in a cheesy indoor facility with neon and glow-in-the-dark stuff everywhere. It was fun once, but a group of us just went last month. Also, a few too many children there for my comfort level. Heading to Hull for arcades and Fascination. Problem: it’s in Hull. Still a possibility though.

  2. Le Jules Says:


    My idea incorporates one of Dor’s favorite past times – billiards. This works for price and indoors as well as being under 21.
    The question becomes more about which location and what else can we add to this event.
    -At 4pm the sox are on, so we can incorporate pool and baseball. If we go to lucky strike we can bowl, billiards, etc. all in one roof.
    -If we go to Kings we can also do billards/pool. I know the marketing girl there, we could setup some sort of party/deal to do both things. THIS IS MY SUGGESTION.
    -Flat Top Johnnys has food, seating, darts, billiards, it’s close, etc.

    I can look into getting some sort of entertainment on the cheap to show up to enhance our billiards enjoyment.. We can also walk to fenway movie theater and grab a movie post billiards or be by fenway and watch the game as we.. There could be an easter egg hunt indoors, a pinata (who doesn’t love that), pin the tail on the donkey, games of chance or leisure.,

    So recap – billiards/pool/darts, red sox at 4pm or movie, possible music/entertainment added on top of the above.

    If that doesn’t cut it, then I say we go down to the beach and play fascination, play mini golf, and troll around townie central.

  3. nachopatrol Says:



    Ha ha ha!!! $5–GSU Conference Auditorium–Saturday @ 2 and 8!!

    There…it has been decided…and you guys will be done nice and early for serious playing!

  4. seekmaster Says:

    This entry was sent via IM by Manasee:

    Easter egg dyeing (or filling plastic eggs with tiny absurd/adult prizes) with a contest for the most creative/disturbing eggs. Then you can hide them in some nearby park and send the froshies to run around in the rain with rubber boots and raincoats hunting for them. End the day with some warm inside time making deviled eggs and/or eating thai food.

    Thanks, Man–I was so interested in including the Freshmen I didn’t even consider a light hazing exercise! I don’t know where my head is these days 😛

  5. Diana Says:

    My idea: Boston Blazers Lacrosse game…I’m sure a fun and exciting new experience for everyone. At TD Banknorth Garden. Special deal…we can get tickets + Qdoba burrito (!!) for low price of $11. Game starts at 7:30pm vs. the Rochester Knighthawks.

    There’s MIT Museum of Science nearby as an option for earlier, and I’m sure lots of restaurants in that area that we haven’t visited.

    • seekmaster Says:

      D-Zores: thanks for the great response! I didn’t see the e-mail to moderate until this morning when I went to post a new challenge–not sure why. But I really like this! You are hereby awarded an apologetic margarita I-O-U, and we should definitely do this in the future. (After our banging Friday this week, of course 😉 ) xo!

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